Angie Dougans, Doctor of Optometry


Dr. Angie Dougans graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon in 2010.  She grew up in Langley, BC and studied Chemistry at UBC, then worked as a chemist for three years before deciding to become an optometrist.  You may have heard of her from other clinics in the Fraser Valley, including In-Vision Family Optometry in Sardis.  She has been busy the past few years as a mom of a boy and a girl, but now is setting up on the north side of town.


Dr. Angie Dougans’ specialty is primary care optometry, which means providing thorough eye exams for all ages and conditions.  She is happy to see children as young as 6 months old, as the early years are the most important for development of the visual system.  Eye exams check for not only the glasses prescription, but also diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.  She also has a good referral relationship with the local ophthalmologists, so that those needing further testing or surgery are referred to the appropriate specialist in a timely manner.


Dr. Dougans is also well-trained to assess whether your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens wear, and if certain bad habits you may have (or your kids may have) are resulting in a negative impact on your eye health or contact lens comfort.  Contact lens companies keep coming out with new and improved brands, so a doctor’s contact lens fitting can ensure that you are wearing the most comfortable brand available. If you have had enough birthdays that you are interested in trying bifocal contact lenses, we can schedule a special fitting after your regular eye exam.


Please call our office (604-316-4849) with any questions you may have, and we would be happy to schedule you an appointment when it is convenient for you.


If you are looking for the other Dr. Dougans, the chiropractor, that is Andrew my husband, and we share the space on Menzies.  Link to his website